Hardware, software and services procurement.

Pre-purchase consultations are key to a proper infrastructure and takes the confusion out of buying new IT hardware or software. Don’t just run out to a large warehouse store and buy the computer that fits in your price range. To keep the cost of those computers low, the manufacturers load them up with “free” software. That free software is usually a trial that may be difficult to break away from and you end up paying the fee to keep going, resulting in using an incomplete or inadequate solution for your business needs.

Let us help you narrow down your needs. We will evaluate your computer utilization and recommend the proper software and hardware configuration to fit your needs. We try to fit people with a system that will last them a minimum of 5 years, but we often find customers going longer due to the customization.

Faria Associates is partnered with the largest distributors in the nation so that we can provide competitive prices on all of your computer technology needs. We work for many types of industries and have found best of breed items in just about every technology. Simply give us your specifications and we’ll fit you with the right solutions.

Finding the correct solution is only half the battle and we don’t stop there. Our proposals will include installation and support, removal/disposal of old equipment and migrating old files into the new systems.