Dozens of new vulnerabilities are published every day on the US government CERT database. The news media may also broadcast a widespread virus or hacking incident, but those are only the high profile cases that have already caused their damage.  As part of the Microsoft operating system, you receive regular patches and many believe that is enough. In reality, you have dozens of pieces of software from many other vendors. All software needs to be patched or updated at some point.

As part of our Managed Services, we pay close attention to the patches and service releases of various software companies. We review the patches and look to see if there are any issues. We then release validated updates, on a schedule that is outside of the work hours of your business. We also monitor to make sure they updated successfully and can remove them if they cause a problem. We can further control problem patches so that they don’t cause a conflict by re-installing at a later date. All to keep you running as smoothly possible.

Multi Vendor patch services are included in all of the Managed Services offerings as part of our proactive approach to IT services.