Types of Email Services

Email basically comes in one of three types: Pop3, IMAP and Hosted Exchange.

Pop3 is the oldest and simplest email type and has endured because of its simplicity. The biggest problem with POP3 is syncing between devices or the lack of ability to sync without a 3rd party tool. Emails sent from a cellphone are not visible on your PC.

IMAP is similar to POP3 but the email is not removed from the server right away. This allows multiple devices to read email and allows for the user to see email sent from one device on another.

Exchange is a premier Microsoft email system. It pushes email to devices and all email is saved on the server making it recoverable. Exchange offers other great features like public folders as well as public and shared calendars and contacts.

Although we offer all three, Exchange is by far the best option in our E-Mail dependent lifestyles. In the past, Exchange required businesses to maintain a complex and expensive server. This is no longer true. With our Email Services, a single user can now take full advantage of the features of Microsoft Exchange.  For a small monthly fee, your email is safe and secure in data centers, backed up and always ready to work for you on any device.