Proper networking is often neglected. When starting out, it may be tempting to go to a big box store or order components online but usually the general staff has no idea how to properly set things up. Consumer grade components are designed to work out of the box to get you running quickly. Unfortunately, that requires that they be less secure in order to allow things to work out of the box. Many of these devices can be locked down, but the user has to know what to look for and how to do it.  Consumer grade is also designed to support fewer users with minimal bandwidth requirements similar to those in a home environment. When multiple users start downloading, the hardware can’t handle the tasks, resulting in slow processing.

Commercial grade equipment is exactly the opposite. Each component must be purposefully integrated allowing only the minimum functionality to meet the needs of the customer in order to minimize vulnerabilities. This simplicity lends itself to incredibly fast processing time. Our smallest router is capable of a million packets for second of internet speed and can easily manage any small office needs.  All of our network components are managed from the cloud, so issues are resolved remotely. As your needs change, the configuration of the components can be altered.

Most of these devices have software defined functionality, extending the life of the devices considerably by allowing them to be re-programmed as needed. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to some of the same exploits as basic desktop computers so routine updates are an absolute requirement. We offer patching and monitoring as part of our Managed Services for all of our networking devices.