Voice Over IP

Voice over IP or VOIP has changed the way phone communications works. Traditional phone systems required a dedicated phone line be attached to your home or office for every phone number. It also required contracts with the local phone company which is likely to be the only such provider in town. In commercial PBX setups, you needed expensive hardware installed onsite. VOIP cloud solutions changes all that. You are no longer tied to a single phone company, enabling competitive pricing from vendors.  You can also keep your VOIP phones and phone numbers, in most cases, if you change vendors. You can get or make your office calls on your cell phone wherever life takes you. All that expensive hardware to make and transfer calls is completely removed, saving money in power costs alone.

VOIP can be complicated because of all the options available to you. We take the pain and confusion out of it for you. We start by running tests on your network to see if it can handle the traffic and maintain the quality needed for a phone call.  We also sit down and discuss your needs to make sure that what we propose is what you really need today but with space to grow as your business grows.