Faria Associates, LLC has been providing IT services to businesses and individuals in Connecticut since 1997.

Over the course of 20 plus years in business we found that many businesses never focus enough on the benefits of a good technology infrastructure. Companies often feel that it was secondary to the business and its become a necessary evil to deal with as more and more things pushed them to it. The system designs that we see, everyday, show that with ad-hoc pieces of equipment thrown together and frequently configured improperly. Companies continue down that path until they feel that all they do is fight with technology.

To make matters worse, many small businesses have an in-house person that runs IT, part-time. This may sound like a good idea but in the end you have a person who is doing two jobs, at less than their ability simply because any of us can only do so much in the course of a day. The daily IT tasks are frequently pushed out further and further until they are eventually ignored. This is where the real trouble starts. Eventually there will be a major failure that no one saw coming and the systems you had in place to protect you weren’t configured or running properly.  Now you have data loss, productively loss and systems repairs to deal with.

We saw this trend many years ago and decided to fill the gap. IT systems is what we do everyday, all day. Our proactive approach to IT Services looks at all systems and re-configure or replace to give you a solid platform to start from. We provide you with a trained professional monitoring your systems at a fraction of the cost of having an “IT” person on staff even at part time basis. Many times we fix issues before the client even knows it was an issue.

By providing our services to many small businesses we can provide an enterprise level of service at a fraction of the cost to have an in house person. We can also leverage volume purchases of enterprise level software that would be out of reach of small businesses because they would have to buy more seats then they have people just to reach the minimum.


If all this sounds like your business, give us a call to see what we can do for you.


Joe Faria

Faria Associates, LLC